Accepting Volunteers October 1st with Orientation 

Volunteer Program – 

Dear Volunteers:
We are pleased to announce that we will begin allowing volunteers, old and new, to return to volunteering at the Humane Society. 
We are reformatting our volunteer designations. We will now have four areas where we will need volunteers. The degree to which each volunteer can assist will be determined after your orientation, the more experience you have the more you will be able to do.
Orientation for Dog and Cat Volunteers will be handled by the Director of Animal Care, Robin Lydic.
Socialization, playing with, grooming, and spending time with them.

Dogs: Socialization, walking and lead training, simple command training, and spending time with them.

Orientation for Office and Facility Volunteers
Office:Greeting visitors, answering, and transferring phone calls, making adoption follow-up calls, light filing, and help with mailings.

Facility: We will be organizing regular cleaning days for the front offices, storage areas, and grounds that will include such activities as window washing, mopping floors, dusting, checking inventories, and tasks that cannot be done during a normal business day – both inside and outside of the facility.

All volunteer time will be scheduled so that we are sure to have enough for everyone to do. We are looking for a minimum of one to two hours of time at least once a month. We will have an updated handbook prepared soon for your reference.

Thank you,
Robin Lydic, Director of Animal Care


Other Ways to Help

Here are some items that you can make to entertain the animals at the Humane Society.

Catnip Socks: Take a sock or footie sock (the more colorful the better) and fill with catnip (we can provide). Then just tie up the end with twine, or if the sock is long enough - just tie it.

Knotted Rope Toy: This can be done with rope or fleece. Take strips of fleece or pieces of rope 2-3’ long and braid them together. Tie a knot in each end and you have a colorful toy for a cat. Make it thicker with multiple strips and make it a little longer and you have a toy for a dog.

Cat Fishing Rods: Take a dowel rod and cut it to 1 foot. Tie a string to the end of it that is about 2-3’ long. At the end of the string, create a feather-like toy made out of fleece cut to about 5” long by 3” wide that you have cut fringes into the long sides. Tie the fleece to the string.