About Us

As the issues with living in a pandemic are beginning to settle down, either due to improvements in the situation or maybe just our getting used to living in a new normal, we here at the Humane Society are looking forward to all that the future has to offer us. We are working on a new look with a new logo, a new website design, improvements to our social media, and a renewed involvement with our community.

And through it all, one thought has kept us moving forward: ‘It’s All About the Animals’. You just have to step inside the shelter and talk to our staff and you will see their dedication to the animals, their care and finding them forever homes. We have helped 90 cats and 75 dogs find their forever homes since the last time we sent you a newsletter. We are helping Animal Control and Cass County with their animals by bringing them to our shelter and helping them get adopted. We are working with our veterinary partners to spay and neuter all of our animals to help with ever increasing populations. And we are taking extra care to help educate the community so that together we can improve the lives of our pets.