Board & Staff

You may recognize me; my name is Ember. I am the official Ambassador for the Humane Society.
I will greet you when you come to visit (along with my friends Pumpkin and CleoCatra), and I will be keeping you abreast of new and exciting happenings at the Shelter.


Ronald Klemm, President 
Juli Gast, Vice President/Secretary 
Seth Timmons, Treasurer 
Rosanne Burden 
Lynne Christiano 
Sara Senica 
Amanda Myers 

Advisory to the Board Veterinarian: Dr. Holly Shaffer


Robin Lydic, Animal Care Director

Justin Schutz, Feline Supervisor
  Dustin Freeman, Feline Kennel Tech
  Tom May, Feline Kennel Tech
  Rian McEnany, Feline Kennel Tech
Nicole Martin, Canine Supervisor
  Brianna Fenton, Canine Kennel Tech
  Alicia Wakefield, Canine Kennel Tech
  Tianna Romero, Canine/Feline Kennel Tech                                    Samantha Scott, Canine/Feline Kennel Tech

Brianna Schultz, Administrative Assistant/Social Media


 The Cat's Meow: Justin Schutz, Feline Supervisor

If you have ever spent any time in our Shelter, you have probably crossed paths with Justin Schutz, our Feline Supervisor. As quiet and stealth as the cats he cares for, he may not make a big first impression with you. But spend any amount of time with him and you will discover a man on a mission. He has been with the Humane Society for over 8 years, caring for the cats and learning their unique personalities. He has come to know our feline residents and they have come to know and love him.

When you think about it, we have more cats in the shelter at any one time than we have dogs. Recently we had 70 cats and kittens. Justin takes time each day with each one of them. Naming them, caring for them, getting to know them. He does this because it helps him to find them the perfect forever home. Knowing what they like and how they behave, allows Justin to know who the best fit for them might be.

In his own words, you can see that Justin loves them all. “To be able to take care of these animals every day is a privilege. They don’t have a voice, so they rely on people to take care of them. It takes a degree of passion to do this. For me this is more than a job, it is more of a way of life. It is more rewarding than any job I have ever done.”

How Justin sees all animals is inspiring to us all. “These guys help me as much as I help them. In the grand scheme of things, these guys don’t have anybody except for the people who are willing to care for them. We love these animals because they show just as much love and affection back as we show them. It’s an absolute privilege to work with them. I hope more people will see this and will take time to spend more time with animals in the future.”

We've said it before, and we'll continue to say it - "it's all about the animals."
What we can do for them here and now will help these animals well into the future. We are grateful to have dedicated staff such as Justin here at our shelter. We will continue to share their stories with you in the future.