Board & Staff

You may recognize me; my name is Ember. I am the official Ambassador for the Humane Society.
I will greet you when you come to visit (along with my friends Pumpkin and CleoCatra), and I will be keeping you abreast of new and exciting happenings at the Shelter.


Ronald Klemm, President 
Juli Gast, Vice President/Secretary 
Seth Timmons, Treasurer

Linnea Betker
Amanda Myers
Angie Schwarz
Rosanne Burden 
Lynne Christiano 
Sara Senica, Attorney

Advisory to the Board Veterinarian: Dr. Holly Shaffer


Robin Lydic, Animal Care Director       

Justin Schutz, Feline Supervisor
Janet Gruber, Feline Kennel Tech
Rian McEnany, Feline Kennel Tech
Vicki MacKenzie, Feline Kennel Tech

Nicole Martin, Canine Supervisor
Tiannia Romero, Assistant Canine Supervisor      
Amanda Borrelli, Canine Kennel Tech
Brianna Lopez, Canine Kennel Tech
Vanessa Wolfram, Canine Kennel Tech

Maegan Berger, Social Media Coordinator/Administrative Assistant